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Cristian Southall MBA BA(Hons)

As a Consultant, I'm committed to sharing my broad experience in strategy, planning, delivery and management with clients, partners and industry. As an Advisor, I seek a pragmatic balance of innovation and operational excellence. As a Technologist, I work with colleagues and clients to envision the future, set a direction and leverage emerging technology. I've worked with startups, scaleups and corporates across many industries. You can read more here.

I'm a serial learner and multidisciplinarian combining knowledge from the domains of technology, business and communications with roving interests in music, literature, linguistics, cybernetics, mechanics, electronics, woodworking, geology, geography, cooking and brewing.

I'm also an active contributor to professional communities ranging from digital transformation and enterprise/solutions/data architecture to DevSecOps and advanced cloud computing. I was an early and avid adopter of serverless and event-driven architectures, and continue research in areas such as IT/OT/IIoT convergence and data mesh. I've also been appointed an AWS Ambassador.

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