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A Decade of Cloud

Cristian Southall

I launched a cloud training course last night at JourneyOne. In reviewing previous collateral I found a similar presentation I developed and delivered ten years ago … Cloud Computing, ‘Demistified’.

Despite the pun being dated before it was published, it is surprising how much of that presentation survives a contemporary reading. Specifically, the drivers and benefits of cloud computing remain relevant. The definitions also survive, albeit they can now be stated in more concrete terms: “transforming the internet from communications medium to a platform”? … that’s APIs baby.

Of course, a few things have changed. Most notably, key risks that previously constrained cloud migration have been mitigated (including security, sovereignty and the like). Also, here I am spruiking the benefit of serverless architectures on AWS when, back then, AWS was considered an infrastructure-as-a-service play!

The things that change and those that stay the same …

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