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Dynamically Generated Static Websites Using Jekyll on AWS

Cristian Southall

In preparation for a presentation to the Perth AWS User Group, I needed a website. It had to be simple to develop, easy to administer and cheap to host.

There are countless hosting options but few can achieve the simplicity and frugality of CloudFront and S3 configured as a ‘serverless web server’. There are also countless ways to develop web content, but my discovery of the Documentation Theme for Jekyll meant that in addition to lightning-fast round trip content development and deployment, I could leverage a highly functional and configurable navigation system with very little effort.

The resulting site is particularly appropriate for authoring product documentation and knowledge bases but will obviously also support a broader range of content-centric use cases.

Please note that I handcrafted the AWS configuration in this presentation for teaching purposes. I will add a link here when the repo containing infrastructure automation scripts is published.

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